RWB team is a diverse network of industrial professionals with a clear understanding of our client’s objectives. We work to understand your requirements to deliver a guaranteed solution for your client or your next project.

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Products & Services

Culvert Cleaning and Inspection Services

RWB Group UK is a specialist in cleaning, unblocking, and surveying a wide range of culverts. Working with local authorities, commercial, agricultural, and industrial businesses, utility companies, and motorway maintenance firms, we perform regular cleaning and maintenance on culverts in order to protect a range of pathways.

These include pathways that run underneath motorways, run parallel to or through road embankments, and railway lines. We are experts in safely inspecting culverts and large piping of any diameter. We will assess the risks to each section to recommend an appropriate inspection timetable

Emergency Sewer Cleaning

Here at RWB, we are specialists in emergency sewer clearance & liquid waste disposal and drain unblocking. We dispose of all wastewater, cesspit, sludge, grease, fat materials. Our range of jetting, recycling units, and vehicles allow us to conduct routine cleaning in surface water culverts, large and small industrial, and commercial expert sewer unblocking & maintenance services

Our experience in sewer cleaning, unblocking and disposal tanker jetting allows the company to continually refine its processes to stay at the forefront of this specialised area in our industry.

Whether there is a requirement in the commercial, industrial, or educational industries for sewer unblocking, we can travel all over the country to ensure waste is being managed properly without it having a negative effect on the environment we live in.

Drainage Investigation & Mainline Surveys

RWB works with a variety of businesses and organisations across many sectors allowing them to manage their asset through CCTV pipeline and float surveys effectively. We work with local authorities, highway authorities, utility companies, and a broad range of commercial and industrial companies.

We give you a clear understanding of your drainage assets’ condition with vital information, such as the location and depth of your pipelines. When you need to reduce or prevent flooding damage to your company or the surrounding environment, it is essential to get the right diagnosis so you can take action and choose the right solution.

UV-CIPP Relining & Repair

Rainwater and sewer pipes degrade and can become damaged. When this occurs, they no longer perform effectively or handle the task for which they were designed. UV-CIPP relining and repair is often the best choice to resolve the problem and to prevent environmental damage.

Businesses know all too well how expensive it is to dig trenches to replace the pipeline. If you have been looking for an alternative that is convenient, less expensive, and will extend the installation’s life, then relining will strengthen and repair your culverts, sewers, drains, and pipelines.

UV pipe lining is a solution available to commercial businesses, industrial plants, and local authorities. It is used extensively for fixing gas, chemical, and sewer pipes as well as piped watercourses. One of its most significant advantages is an excellent result with no excavation and minimal disruption.

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) is a remedial method for repairing existing pipelines. It is a pipe within a pipe solution that is seamless and jointless. This relining technique is suitable for refurbishing pipes of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and profiles. It is widely recognised as a tried and tested solution that restores the structural integrity of the pipeline.

Flood Response

RWB is an experienced and professional flood response company with an outstanding reputation for Our Emergency Flood Response Services and flood defence. We deal with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. We will provide the highest level of service using our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers that are working tirelessly to improve the processes we use here at RWB Group.

Watercourse Maintenance

RWB is a flood risk consultant and watercourse maintenance company working with developers, architects, local water authorities, and landowners. We deliver tailored watercourse maintenance programs and conduct Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) .

A flood risk assessment is needed if a development is proposed to be within flood zones or twenty metres of an Environment Agency river. An FRA might also be required when there is a change of use of a development in a flood zone, such as commercial to residential conversion, where occupants could be affected by flooding sources other than the sea or rivers, such as reservoirs and surface water drains.

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