Ian wood Services offer a wide range of professional plumbing services around the clock to help deal with any of your water service needs. We service clients from both the commercial and domestic sectors in throughout the North West and UK. All our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking devices. This enables us to get the nearest engineer to the problem quickly, saving you both time and money.

If you live in North West England and experience any problems with your incoming water supply pipe including burst pipes, your drainage including blocked drains, or your septic tank, then we are here to help - contact Ian Wood Services NW Ltd today.

Serviced Areas

  • Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside, Wallasey

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  City Wallasey
  Postcode CH44 2DX
  Phone Number 015 1201 3455

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Lead Water Mains Replacement
Blocked Drains
Maintenance & Repair
Drain CCTV Surveys

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Drainage problems? Don't delay, call today. @IWSNWLTD on 01512013455 #Wirral #NorthWest #drains #drainage
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Are you getting funny smells from your #drains if so give us a call 0151 201 3455 #wirral #liverpool #northwest
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Need a #plumber in the Wirral/Merseyside area? Were available 24hrs for emergencies! 0151 201 3455
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Persistent Drainage Problems? We offer a CCTV drain inspections to get to the root of any problems http://t.co/nFkyNDxfoG
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We can resolve any drainage issue for your organisation in a manner that causes as little disruption as possible http://t.co/TmMarwLS7k
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Are you finding it difficult to flush your toilet? Does the water drain away very slowly? You could have a blockage http://t.co/Fb0V2yzn7l
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There are many consequences to allowing your blocked drains to develop http://t.co/rNHXeXjj35
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If you are in the commercial sector the last thing need is downtime to your business due to a blocked drain. http://t.co/juVvtKxRyR
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From Our Website

RPD is a multi-disciplinary support services company operating within the water and wastewater industries. We provide professional solutions for all commercial, domestic and insurance work in North West England and UK. Our water services are made up of three core divisions as shown below, click on any of the main headings to find out more information.

How often do you maintain your drainage systems? Do you experience regular blockages? Do you have blocked drains? Or maybe you've attempted to regularly maintain yours personally, but fail to sustain for greatest functionality? If you've never or rarely provided a little care for yours, maybe it's time to consider the help of a professional drain maintenance service? Having regular drain maintenance will ensure that long-term, further complicated and costly problems fail to arise. We all know how important maintaining the flow of a drainage system is.

There are multiple reasons why a lead pipe replacement in Wirral is needed ranging from a burst pipe to replacement of old lead pipes. We deal with these situations daily and have specialist tools at the ready to allow us to complete the work fast, efficiently and causing the minimum disruption. For over 3 years, we helped Cheshire West Council to complete their task of removing their lead water mains on tenanted domestic properties. All RPD engineers are experts in the use of trenchless technology, particularly Impact Moling, for the water main replacement.

If you have a drainage problem in your home or place of work and the cause is unknown, then a CCTV drain survey can the most effective way to solve this. Using our advanced full-colour drain camera survey, we can inspect your drains, sewers & manholes to find the cause of any blockages. The system we use is simple, we use a remotely-controlled specialist camera system which is lowered into your drains, the camera relays images back to our unit and allows for our technicians to analyse the footage spotting any blockages and also assessing the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer.

If you're about to buy a new home then at least be aware of the concept of 'caveat emptor'. This is Latin for 'buyer beware'. This concept is enshrined in English common law stating the seller of the home releases all liability for the property in question upon sale. In layman's terms, this means if you don't carry out checks before you bought the property you cannot later hold the seller accountable for defects in the property you purchased. To combat this risk diligent buyers opt for a full 'structural' survey.

Dear RPD, We wanted to drop you a line to say a 'MASSIVE' thank you for your contribution to our 'Big Build for Children in Need' at the Norris Green Youth Centre in Liverpool. You are truly amazing. The project was our most ambitious proje. Replaced burst water supply - Reactive Plumbing, did exactly what their name suggests and reacted quickly to my emergency situation. I called at 10am, and spoke to Emma who friendly and very understanding of my predicament and I believe they diver.

Based in Wallasey on the Wirral, we are the local experts for all of your drainage problems with over 15 years experience. We can carry out domestic or commercial work on your drains across the Wirral. Although they are usually easy to notice, blocked drains have a few fairly obvious signs to look out for. There may be an unpleasant smell from an outside drain or plug for example. Or your water pressure may have also dropped or water is not draining properly from toilets, sinks or other drains.

A: The Government wants to take this step to give better clarity regarding responsibilities for the sewerage system. The aim of the transfer is to allow a more integrated approach to the whole wastewater network but most importantly, to remove a burden from our customers whose homes are currently served by these sewers and drains. A: There are still a number of steps ahead. We believe the transfer of ownership will take place towards the end of 2011 (probably in October 2011) so we have a team in United Utilities who are working to ensure that we're ready.